The January Cove Series: Books 6-8

The January Cove Series: Books 6-8

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Release Date : Aug, 01 2016

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Apr, 25 2018

Product Description

Read books 6, 7 and 8 of the popular January Cove series as one boxed set!

January Cove is a little slice of heaven on Earth, and in this boxed set you can read SECRETS and SOULMATES, CHOICES OF THE HEART and SWEET LOVE.

Every book in the series can stand alone, but it helps to read them all so you know the different January Cove characters woven throughout each of them!

Here are the descriptions for each book in this set:


She's engaged to a man she's never met... and may not even exist.

Molly James has lived her life as a fish out of water. Feeling like the oddball of her family, her trusting nature leads her into an online relationship and eventual engagement to someone she hasn't met. When she decides to take the leap of faith and go find the love of her life, things don't turn out quite like she thought they would.

Austin York has had a rough life, no doubt about it. Abandoned as a young teen by his drug addicted mother, he was bounced from foster home to foster home. Now, at 26 years old, he's determined to make a life for himself and prove that he's capable and worthy of good things. But when a petite auburn haired spitfire crosses his path and lands him in the middle of a fake engagement, his world is turned upside down in more ways than one.


Sometimes life throws us a devastating curveball, but we still end up with a homerun ending anyway...

Paige Emerson has had a rough life. No doubt about it. Abandoned at a church as a baby by a drug-addicted teen mom, she was bounced around from place to place her whole life. When she finally makes her way to New York City and meets her dream man - Daniel - her life finally seems under control and on the right path.

When a devastating tragedy happens that forces her to make some major life choices, she finds herself in the small beach town of January Cove, Georgia, and learns that love can often come in the form of second chances. And his name is Brett. Hot, sexy Southern cowboy.

But love is never easy, and when life throws her an almost unimaginable curveball, she has to make the biggest decision of her life yet again.


Things aren't always what they seem... sometimes, they're better.

Laura Bennett is bored. Divorced and grieving after the death of her mother, she takes the advice of her adventurous best friend and does the craziest thing she's ever done in her life.

Sawyer Griffin is a country music superstar who has burned out and gone home to January Cove for a break. But when he meets the new woman in town - in the most unusual way - he decides to keep a big secret about himself that could put their friendship - and possible relationship - in jeopardy.

Can opposites attract when neither person is who they seem to be?

NOTE: There is also a boxed set of the first FIVE books of this series available on Amazon!