Americans of Royal Descent Searchable Lineage & Pedigrees H117

Americans of Royal Descent Searchable Lineage & Pedigrees H117

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Apr, 25 2018

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Genealogists and Historians researching royal descendants have found this authoritative reference to be extremely helpful and the data A standard work on royal genealogy, this collection contains 213 pedigrees showing the lineal descent of hundreds of American families from history's most notable European Kings and Queens of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and France.

The information presented has been developed primarily from recognized authorities, privately printed family histories, and pedigree manuscripts then compiled. The indices contain approximately 4,000 surnames, with thousands more individuals documented. Many of the entries include dates of birth and death, marriages, information on the spouse, occupations, and other personal information considered pertinent at the time of reference. GeekaMedia is proud to be the first publisher to bring this searchable historical reference to the Ameture Genealogists and Historian Communities.

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