A Historical Tour of Walt Disney World: Volume 1

A Historical Tour of Walt Disney World: Volume 1

Ratings : 4/5 from 1975 reviews
Publisher : Theme Park Press
ISBN : 194150034X
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Apr, 25 2018

Product Description

History Made Magical

In A Historical Tour of Walt Disney World, Andrew Kiste not only pulls back the pixie dust curtain on some of the most iconic rides in the Magic Kingdom, but also pulls back the next curtain, revealing the historical and cultural influences that inspired Walt Disney and his Imagineers.

Did you ever wonder why Walt wanted a Jungle Cruise? Or how closely his pirates were based on real pirates? Or why the original conception for Tomorrowland didn't work out? Or how the Crystal Palace is really the work of a forgotten Victorian architect?

Learn the history BEHIND the history of such popular Magic Kingdom locations and attractions as:

  • Main Street, U.S.A.: It's always the Fourth of July on Main Street, and everything there has a purpose that might surprise you.
  • Jungle Cruise: Despite the skipper humor, this ride has its roots in European colonialism and the scramble for Africa.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Yo ho ho, me hearties, but did the real pirates of the Caribbean act like those in Adventureland?
  • Crystal Palace: The first two Crystal Palaces burned to the ground; how much is Disney's popular restaurant their carbon copy?
  • Tomorrowland: Disney's original plan to faithfully represent the future fell apart when the future didn't cooperate.

Find out where the Imagineers got THEIR ideas!