Book Lust Journal

Book Lust Journal

Ratings : 4/5 from 1953 reviews
Publisher : Sasquatch Books
ISBN : 1570614539
Release Date : Mar, 01 2005

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Apr, 26 2018

Product Description

Many readers have wished for a way to record their thoughts after finishing a book, or to remember their impressions of their book club meeting. Nancy Pearl’s Book Lust Journal is the perfect place to do these things and more. Based on the famous bestseller, this conveniently sized journal is a great place for readers to expand their reading experience. The template offers plenty of room for internal discussion to recall favorite passages of books, or to think about how the book they’re currently reading reflects their own life. The template also functions as an easy-access reference tool to return to previous entries they have written. A detailed introduction explains how to make the most of the journal, while The Pearl 100 offers informed suggestions on great reads. Additional templates enable readers to record books on their "To Read" list, note book passages to remember, and keep tabs on books lent to friends and family.