How To Become A Journalist: The Insider

How To Become A Journalist: The Insider's Guide To Getting A Career In Journalism

Ratings : 4/5 from 2539 reviews
Publisher : Nick Rennie
ISBN : 0993392806
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Apr, 25 2018

Product Description

Do you want to become a journalist? It’s a career many aspire to have and this book will give you the best possible chance.

  • The author has worked in journalism for more than 20 years so it truly is an insider’s guide.
  • The principles you will learn will set you up for a job as a journalist in newspapers, radio or television.
  • The book gives you templates to help you write news stories and features and top tips on exactly what you should do when you report courts cases, inquests and meetings.
  • You will find out how journalists use social media as a publishing channel and as a source for breaking news.
  • There are also tips on how to take photographs for use in newspapers and on news websites and advice on how to pass an interview for a job in journalism.
  • This book is an ideal companion for anyone considering a job as a journalist, whether you are a school student, a graduate or someone thinking about switching careers.